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About the Centerway ExecuCenter

Centerway ExecuCenter is the premier office business center in Corning and the Southern Tier of central New York.  This facility has several offices, three conference rooms, a modular office suite, and coworking desk spaces. Its amenities include a full time office manager, staffed reception area, kitchenette, and “productivity center” with high quality color copier, document binder, and Level 6 shredder. It is well maintained, staffed, fully furnished, and turnkey-ready-to-use on an hourly, interim or permanent basis.

Our facility, the Centerway Commerce Building, is Class A: professionally managed, elevator, fully handicapped accessible, efficient HVAC with forced fresh air, and backup power generator. It is bright, airy, and comfortable with high ceilings, classic Revival architectural details, and quality fixtures and finishes. Ample free and inexpensive municipal parking is adjacent, and nearby amenities include dozens of restaurants, attractive nearby lodging, boutique and outlet stores, along with an array of business and personal services ranging from dry cleaning and medical to marketing and accounting.  It is located at Centerway Square and Riverfront Park, in the center of the well-maintained and managed Historic Gaffer District of Corning, New York.

The Centerway ExecuCenter provides different value for different clients.  Here are some examples:

Manufacturers, financial and business service companies, technology companies and large not-for-profits such as hospitals and social work concerns find value in off-site meetings, contract negotiations, swing or contingent office space, hosting “skunkworks” teams, conducting personnel interviews, and providing space and support for contract personnel and visiting consultants.

Solo lawyers, financial planners, CPAs, network marketers, virtual companies (for instance, card processing and merchant services) and other independent or highly mobile professionals find value in headquartering their businesses in this office business center.  For these businesses, costs of an office are normally all carried as internal overhead.   Using the Centerway ExecuCenter, those office costs can be allocated to activity categories instead, as appropriate for the business, which will reduce overhead.  One activity category could be things that must be maintained constantly in order to maintain credible business presence.  In general, these are our Real Virtual Office packages.  Depending on the business, our Basic Identity might be enough: A unique business address, mail receipt and management, and a modest annual allotment of office or conference room hours.  From there, if needed you can add optional VoIP phone line and live “nine-to-five” telephone answering or voice mail.  For these basic things, there is a monthly charge that is much less costly than renting any office.  Again, depending on the business, periodic use of facilities such as a day-office or conference room might be best – including for hybrid meetings.   An attractively-priced contract can provide that for your business, reducing your office costs.  Think about it:  the reduction comes in part from not paying for facilities when  pushing office costs into variable costs, and in part from the ability to charge activity-based office and meeting costs as project billable items.

Home-based professionals, highly mobile workers, and district field or sales representatives for out-of-the-area companies find value in real virtual offices – having a business address other than one’s own residence provides you with better privacy and security.  Compared to a post box or mail drop, a real virtual office provides superior convenience and authority. Tools and support needed to prepare sales presentations and marketing collateral, host business visitors such as up-line district or national reps, and have working live or hybrid meetings with other professionals are all here. The virtual office establishes business identity, is private and professional, supplements telework, may be paid for by your company, and is not as costly in terms of money or attention as a full time office.

Government agencies, consulting firms, energy companies, pharmaceutical firms, and media companies also use business centers for hosting in-person and hybrid meetings.  Privacy, and access to technologies, facilities, tools and services that are needed, make Centerway ExecuCenter an excellent choice.

The Centerway ExecuCenter is in the largest commercial building in Corning, NY that is not owned by government or industrial interests.  Built in 1894 by the Drake family to house a department store and administration for their other business interests, it has been renovated several times to set the pace of commercial change in the area.  This latest renovation, completed in April 2014, brings an important tool for growth and efficiency that is common to larger cities – Centerway ExecuCenter office business center – to one of the best small towns in the United States. 

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