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5 East Market Street, 2nd Floor Corning, New York 14830
Centerway ExecuCenter is at 5 E. Market Street, Corning New York, occupying the entire second floor of the historic Centerway Commerce Building. We provide you a professional place to conduct your business whether for an hour, a day, or longer. Amenities include:High speed internet via a fiber optic link
Business lounge with unlimited coffee/tea/water available
Business tools – high speed copier/printer, binder, shredder, etc.
Office management and reception area
Access security
Conveniently located by picturesque Centerway Square, near parking and restaurants

The Centerway Commerce Building was gutted and renovated in 2012-13. Some of the oak and porcelain tile was kept in place, and one look at the completed renovation communicates the craftsmanship and solidity of our landmark building. Our electrical, mechanical, and architectural systems are all new, and your first use of our facility demonstrates the efficiency and flexibility of our modern infrastructure.Most of our new lighting is LED, with other high-efficiency lighting strategically used.
Our HVAC uses energy recovery ventilators (air-to-air heat exchangers) to conserve heat and air conditioning energy while also continuously exchanging stale air for fresh while operating.
Our walls are constructed as sound-attenuating systems including Certainteed SoundFX wallboard, glass insulation, and panels extending to the floor decks above (not just to the suspended ceiling). Ductwork is also sound-absorbing.

What all this means to you: comfort, responsiveness, efficiency, professionalism, privacy and security. When you are using a Centerway office, you can conduct your business with confidence and privacy even though others are conducting unrelated business in other parts of the facility. When you are using a Centerway conference room, you can work on strategic business and not worry about people observing you or overhearing you in the halls and such, as you might in a hotel or coffee shop.When you and your business guests first enter, you’re greeted by the office manager. Depending on what you need, your guests are conducted to your office or meeting… or held to wait in reception while you get things done – for instance, if you are a lawyer, and you need to talk separately to one member of a group of people who traveled together to meet with you.

All conference rooms and offices are equipped with Cat6 wired internet, AC-class wireless internet, and BIFMA-rated furniture. Offices also include typical accessories (lamp, convenience printer, large monitor). They provide you a professional environment for your business activity. Restrictive covenants in the facility operating agreement assure you that your business guests will appreciate and respect your professionalism, and that you need not worry about what else is occurring.
While you are here, you enjoy unlimited coffee/tea/filtered water and access to the high-speed color copier/printer, binder, Level 6 Dahle shredder, and equipped kitchenette. This allows you to print short runs of brochures, booklets and other marketing collateral; share notes from your meetings, or shred papers that you don’t want to take with you.
The Enclave Boardroom is available for meetings. It overlooks historic Market Street and Centerway Square. It has been used for off-site meetings, depositions, and other things.
The Catalyst multipurpose room seats 30 theatre-style, 25 classroom style, and features movable tables that can be configured for team meetings, board meetings, or many other ways. Its chairs are designed for extended seating times.
We have the facilities and tools that most consultants, financial planners, lawyers and others who work “whenever and where-ever” need for business productivity. Available now and ready when you are. Call us at 607 438-1123 or click HERE to arrange for a free tour!