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1. This Agreement

1.1 Agreement: Centerway ExecuCenter (Provider) agrees to provide Services to customer(s) (Client) during normal business hours consisting of meeting rooms, videoconferencing and all types of day offices, and access to the common areas of the Centre including toilets, WorkCafé™ and Productivity Center on an ad hoc basis (Access).Standard business hours can be obtained upon request from the Office

1.2 Applicable law: This agreement is interpreted and enforced in accordance with the New York law, without regard to its conflict of laws principles. The Provider and the Client both accept the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the county in which Provider operates. If any provision of these terms and conditions is held void or unenforceable under the applicable law, the other provisions shall remain in

2. Use

2.1 Providing the Facilities:  The Provider has the right to suspend the provision of Services for reasons of political unrest, strikes or other events beyond Provider’s reasonable control.

2.2 Business Name:  The Client must not use the name of the Provider in any way in connection with its business.

3. Compliance

3.1 Comply with the law:  The Client must comply with all relevant laws and regulations in the conduct of its business. The Client must do nothing illegal in connection with its use of the Business Centre. The Client must not do anything that may interfere with the use of the Centre by the Provider or by others, cause any nuisance or annoyance, increase the insurance premiums the Provider has to pay, or cause loss or damage to the Provider (including damage to reputation) or to the owner of any interest in the building which contains the Centre the Client is using. The Client acknowledges that (a) the terms of the foregoing sentence are a material inducement in the Provider’s execution of this agreement and (b) any violation by the Client of the foregoing sentence shall constitute a material default by the Client
hereunder, entitling the Provider to terminate this agreement, without further notice or procedure.

3.2 Comply with House Rules:  The Client must comply with Provider’s House Rules whether for reasons of health and safety, fire precautions or otherwise. Such rules are developed and/or imposed for the safety of the Provider’s Clients and to protect their use of the Centre as a place of work. The House Rules can be obtained upon request from the Office Manager.

3.3 Employees:  While this agreement is in force and for a period of six months after it ends, neither the Provider nor the Client may knowingly solicit or offer employment to any of the other’s staff employed in this Centre. This obligation applies to any employee employed at the Centre up to that employee’s termination of employment, and for three months thereafter. It is stipulated that the breaching party shall pay the non-breaching party the equivalent of six months salary for any employee concerned.Nothing in this clause shall prevent either party from an employing an individual who responds in good faith and independently to an advertisement which is made to the public at large.

4. Provider’s Liability

4.1.  The Provider is not liable for any loss resulting from the Provider’s failure to provide any services unless the Provider does so deliberately or is negligent. The Provider is also not liable for (i) any service failure until the Client has told the Provider about it and has given a reasonable time to correctthe failure or (ii) if the meeting room becomes permanently unavailable (in which case the Provider will try to find an alternative venue for Client). Provider liability is limited to up to a maximum of 125% of fees paid under this agreement up to the date on which the claim in question arises or US$2,500.00 (whichever is the higher), in respect of all other losses, damages, expenses or claims. The Client accepts responsibility for their equipment while that equipment is on or in transport in conjunction with the premises and the Client is liable at all times for any loss or damage to any of the Provider’s equipment in conjunction with Service or Access.

5. Fees

5.1 Payment Terms:  The Fee is the total of the charges for Services and any additional products or services quoted at the time of booking. A credit card must be provided against the relevant Fee and additional service fees where a pre-approved account is not available.These fees will be due and payable upon confirmation of the booking. For those locations where advance payment is not available, payment will be made upon departure on the day of use. Pre-approved credi accounts must be paid by the due date on the invice. In the event of a breach of these terms, credit facilities will be revoked.

5.2 Standard services:  Use of all services are subject to availability. Any additional charges for use of additional Services (such as court reporting, faxing, catering) plus applicable taxes will be charged to the Client’s credit card or charged to the Client’s corporate account (if applicable) at the prevailing rate on the day of use. These rates are available from the Office Manager upon request.

5.3 Late payment:  If the Client does not pay fees when due, a fee will be charged on all overdue balances. This fee will differ by country and is listed in the House Rules. If the Client disputes any part of an invoice the Client must pay the amount not in dispute by the due date or be subject to late fees. The Provider also reserves the right to withhold services (including for the avoidance of doubt, denying the Client access to its accommodation) while there are any outstanding fees and/or interest or the Client is in breach of this agreement.

5.4 Insufficient Funds:  The Client shall pay a fee for any returned check or any other declined payments due to insufficient funds.This fee will differ by country and is listed in the House Rules.

6. Cancellation Policies

6.1  The below table applies to Meeting Room, Videoconferencing and all types of Day Office Bookings.

Attendees 0-2 Working Days 3-5 Working Days 6 or more Working Days
0-6 No refund 50% refund Full refund
7-10 No refund No refund 50% refund
0-6 No refund No refund No refund

6.2  Any services that the Provider is charged for by third parties on the Client’s behalf will be charged through to the Client notwithstanding other provisions of this cancellation policy.

6.3  If a booking is for a multiple or consecutive days , the cancellation policy applies to each individual day within the booking.

6.4  Number of days noted in the above table are business days per Provider’s schedule.

7. Changes in Terms

7.1  The Provider reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time.

8. Discounts, Promotions and Offers

8.1  If the Client benefited from a special discount, promotion or offer, the Provider may discontinue that discount, promotion or offer without notice if the Client materially breaches these terms and conditios.