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Interested?  Great!  Save time and visit us. 

Visit us, because it’s the best way to quickly evaluate how we can meet your needs and grant your wishes. 


When you visit, we first ask some questions to learn about you.  We then focus on efficiently showing or demonstrating, as appropriate, the key things here that you want and need. 

If you’re a full-time professional needing a full-time office, we’ll be sure to go over how that works here, including mail and phone handling, legal restrictions if any such as internet access security, reception of guests and packages, and office customization. 

If you’re a remote worker for a large organization, we’ll touch on whether you need a dedicated office or can work in a more open space with private workstations and use of meeting rooms, and on your likely needs such as technical support and internet bandwidth. 

If you’re a digital publisher, independent consultant, creative freelancer, a programmer, or more of a Pat of All Trades, we’ll quickly run a number of options by you to consider. 

Remember this: Everyone is here to do their specific work, and if you are “in the zone” doing your work, nobody is going to bother you. The interruptions and time wasters of being at home are reduced, and the distractions of a coffee shop or fast food restaurant are absent. What’s more, if you’re open to chatting and being approached, you’ll meet some great local entrepreneurs and build your own coworking community

In general, on your visit you will find that there really are no surprise costs for setting up and the ExecuCenter membership includes most (if not all) of the amenities your  business needs day to day. We have the flexibility to support many very different kinds of businesses, and the capacity to have them all in the same facility. 

We will use our excellent flexibility to create a deal with the amenities you value and need at fair pricing. One of our standard offerings may work for you, or we’ll customize a deal specifically for you. 

To get started, arrange for a tour, or cover your initial questions including quotes for custom plans, call the ExecuCenter at (607) GET-1-123 [607-438-1123] or fill out the Inquiry form below. We will follow-up with you promptly. 

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